Jutsun & Company Law Associates Inc., is not a law firm, but a specialized legal intermediary consulting firm providing legal services through licensed practitioners where mandated.
We are not a law firm and do not have solicitors as partners or are constituted as a law firm under the Law Society Act of Ontario. Instead our firm acts as a legal consulting intermediary which retains and engages licensed and qualified practitioners to act for various legal services. As a legal consulting intermediary, we provide oversight and management of specific legal files and interact with our team of qualified professionals and licensed practitioners to act as legal counsel of record...more

Civil Litigation law

Providing cost effective and judicious litigation and support services

Corporate Commercial law

Facilitating all corporate commercial legal needs

Banking and Finance law

Providing legal services for corporate finance, banking transactions

Franchise law

Full service execution of franchise law and legal infrastructure support

Real Estate law

Execution and delivery of all requisite legal services and functions

Entertainment law

Providing specialized legal services for the entertainment industry

Trademark, Patents and Copyright law

Full service legal support for registration, filing

Family Law

support of holistic family law practices relating to separation, divorce

Specialized Criminal law

Criminal legal services pertaining to sexual abuse and sexual predatory exploitation


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