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Jutsun & Company Law Associates Inc., is founded by Mr. Gerald (Gerry) E. Jutsun, who also heads up a diversified suite of companies including ILACO Corporation and ILACO Private Equity Consortium, a Private Equity and Management Consulting firm; and Jutsun Media Group Inc., an entertainment and media consortium.

With a background in corporate finance, security and law, Mr. Jutsun is not a lawyer by profession and has not been called to the Ontario bar. He has studied law and finance and holds a degree in Economics and Finance with partial completion of an MBA degree. He has also worked extensively in the legal field with over 20 with years of litigation experience and commercial law, working with and assisting licensed practitioners and solicitors on major litigation casework. His other area of expertise is within the security industry, executing investigations into high-profile, sophisticated fraud and criminal enterprises. This is the culmination and confluence of his diversified experience in finance, law and security.

However in the course of his career and having worked with some of the most prominent law firms in Canada, he was dismayed to find many reputable solicitors and law firms were unable to deliver quality legal services while ensuring their clientele's needs were satisfied judiciously and economically.

This deficiency in the industry is what gave rise to the concept of a legal intermediary consulting firm that ensures proper case file management, maintains cost controls with economical fee structures, and the number one objective in its assignments… ensuring customer client satisfaction!

He is also the Founder and President of FSI Fraud Security Investigations, a specialized criminal fraud investigative firm which researches and investigates major criminal fraudulent enterprises. He is resolutely committed to seeking justice and compensation for victims of criminal fraud and has over 25 years of experience in the security field, including undercover covert surveillance for terminating major fraudulent operations, as well as experience working with the Canadian Department of National Defense.

Jutsun & Company Law Associates Inc., is headed up by Mr. Gerald (Gerry) E. Jutsun, Founder and President, who is also assisted by an eminent and venerable team of consummate lawyers and legal professionals with specialized areas of practice in:

  • Civil Litigation Law
  • Corporate Commercial Law
  • Banking and Finance Law
  • Franchise Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Trademark, Patents and Copyright Law
  • Family Law
  • Specialized Criminal Law (sexual abuse)

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