Alternative Dispute Resolution – ADR

Jutsun & Company Law Associates, is a firm believer in win-win legal solutions that are cost effective and just for its beneficiaries.

We provide specialized mediation services for ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution means. This is a vastly more economical means of settling claims and with much greater expediency and results than conventional means of litigation.

The key to successful mediation and arbitration is the twin principals of transparency and accountability. If both parties are willing to be transparent and accountable to their actions, then there is a good groundwork for seeking and relying upon ADR with positive results.

Jutsun & Company Law Associates, encourages ADR as an expedient, economical and efficient means of achieving legal redress which is prudent and just, and considerably less expensive than protracted litigation!


Consider ADR as an efficacious and expedient means of resolving your claims!


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